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"We are professional quantity surveyors specialising in all aspects of construction cost and tax depreciation from small to large projects.

We offer a diversity of surveying expertise and sound advice to clients during all stages of the building and property investment process.

QuantitySurveyors.com.au is a division of Australian Cost Planners Pty Ltd

We are an industry leading firm that prides ourselves on the vast number of referrals we receive in response to our service. For your peace of mind all of our quantity surveyors are professional members of the Australian Institute of Quantity Surveyors.

At Australian Cost Planners Pty Ltd we have comprehensive experience in providing the following range of services. Click on the highlighted text below for more information:-

"We offer prompt, affordable and accurate tax depreciation reports at competitive prices starting from $275 (plus GST) for a Regional report and $495 (plus GST) for a report and inspection undertaken by our team."

  • Tax Depreciation Reports - Australia wide

    Tax Depreciation reports are available to the property investor in accordance with the guidelines stipulated by the Australian Taxation Office.“Our reports are for 40 year or ‘LIFETIME’ reports as opposed to the 5 or 10 year reports provided by many of our competitors”
    We offer prompt, affordable and accurate tax depreciation reports at competitive prices which start from as low as $275 (plus GST) for a Regional Report and ($495 plus GST) for an Inspection and Report.
  • Construction Cost Estimating

    “Use the right professional for your construction project”. At Australian Cost Planners Pty Ltd we approach estimating in a systematic and thorough manner. As specialists in construction estimating we offer accurate costings during all stages of the design and construct process. Our qualified team have years of quantity surveying experience in the construction industry and are truly construction cost professionals.
  • Project Auditing and Risk Analysis Services

    The provision of project auditing and risk analysis services to Financial Institutions is one of the core skills upon which our practice was founded. Australian Cost Planners provide reports to identify all the key risks associated with your development including a review of project costs, documentation and project cash flow as well as an update of forecast variation costs. Our reports can be used by the owner, developer or financial institutions that may have an interest in minimizing project risk.
  • Insurance Valuations

    Australian Cost Planners Pty Ltd can prepare Insurance Replacement Valuations that ensure that the sum a building is insured for is adequate at all times to replace the building. Use our reports to ensure that your property or commercial office is insured adequately with an accurate assessment of its replacement value.
  • Expert Witness Consultancy

    Extensive knowledge of construction cost provides the sound background required to assess building disputes involving project variation costs, claims and the valuing of defective workmanship. Our reports and expert representation offer an objective opinion to assist in the resolution of building disputes.
  • Professional Quotation Request

    Obtain a free tax depreciation quotation or general quotation for any of our Quantity Surveyor services.

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